Thursday, 13 December 2012

Are You Dealing With Grief?

This Guided Visualization/Meditation CD will help you get through this challenging time!

Whenever we lose, we grieve.

Whether the loss is temporary or permananet, we mourn.
Feeling good about grief involves a new perspective.
For further understanding join Marlene George for a journey of a lifetime; "Celebrating Death" brings a new point of view to the grieving process to help us cope with loss.

It will focus on helping you with:
1. Influences, an introduction
2. The Letter
3. The Releasing Ritual
4. Celebrating Death Visualization

To order this CD or for more information, please contact Marlene

Marlene George - Life Wellness and Business Coach
Skype: Username: marlene.george2
Phone #: 905-796-0101

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