Thursday, 31 May 2012

Testimonial for "Your Life Is Now"

I was very disappointed when the CDs YOUR LIFE IS NOW ended.
I thoroughly enjoyed the CD’s inspirational information and Marlene George’s background.
The father and daughter narrators were professional and easy to listen to.
I highly recommend this CD and look forward to any others that Marlene George produces.

Great success in 2012!
Christine Whitlock
Founder / President / Publisher - Women Who Excel Inc

Monday, 28 May 2012

Self Esteem In Seconds

Regardless of what you are feeling when you begin this process, the following technique takes only seconds; can be done in private or in public; and best of all, it works 100% of the time! You already breathe, probably without thinking about it. When you are tense, anxious, or stressed, your breathing responds to your emotions. Rather than the full complete breaths appreciated by your body, when threatened with failure, your respiration shortens, tightens, and increases your tension.

There is good stress that energizes and motivates you. Anticipation of a celebration, an award, or a trip provides excitement. Taking a test, interviewing for a job or promotion, asking someone out on a date may involve the other kind of stress...the palm sweating, shoulder tightening, and mouth-drying nasty nerves associated with any kind of personal or professional challenge.

Instant Inspiration...

The word “inspiration” came from the Latin words meaning “to breathe”. Taking fresh air in, then expelling processed air, always improves our feelings. We feel better as soon as we remember to inspire ourselves through the physical process of conscious breathing.

As soon as we improve our physical being with fresh air, our psychological and emotional being lightens as well. When we feel bad emotionally our breathing shallows, which tightens our muscles and further restricts our breathing. Very shortly we are spinning in this endless loop of tension, stress, and tightness.

The next time you notice your body tighten, lighten up and expand into your natural space.

Now that you know what to do, the following tool will teach you how to do it.

Use this tool the next time you want to relax. The following three steps improve your outlook, confidence, and chances of success:

• draw a deep expanding your belly

• purse your lips and exhale the breath slowly

• finish with a smile...a broad, wide smile

If step three challenges, remember the last time you laughed-out-loud. You will smile when you recall that experience.

Thinking happy thoughts always brings a smile.

Self esteem begins within and expands with a simple expression, a smile. If you express joy on the outside, you will experience happiness on the inside.

Always apply for a position when you feel it within, and to feel it within, express it outside.

By oxygenating your brain, you become smarter, happier, healthier and more confident every time. So, do this mini-refresher before any and every stress situation for a successful outcome.

...more wise words from your mentor,

Marlene George


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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Weed Your Goal Garden…Every Day, Year Round.

       We weed our gardens when weather permits, usually spring time and fall. When considering our goals, the process occurs year round. Note the intentions you had at the beginning of the year. Research indicates the resolutions we make on the first of January are usually distant memories by the end of the month. Even though we have a lot of company in neglecting our goals, individually we may be saddened and disappointed by our perception of our failure.

       The resolutions we make are ongoing goals, or occur occasionally, or get pushed aside by more pressing priorities. Rather than beating yourself up for not following through on your good intentions, congratulate yourself when you take the time to consider each goal individually.

       This year, when considering each goal and its importance in your life, examine how it makes you feel before, during and after accomplishing it. Get out of your head, get rid of the "shoulds" and look at your emotions surrounding the goal.
       Three Tips when considering what to cull among your
unfinished goals:

       1. Whose goal is it? Your Authentic Self will tell you

if you ask. You’ll know by how you feel when

considering the goal, if you feel good about

accomplishing it, that’s a good indicator of its

relationship to your Authentic Self.

       2. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail

to complete it? Remember, you always have a

choice about when or even if to accomplish it.


       3. Do you need help to complete it?

       When “clean the attic” appears on the goal list, do

you feel tired or frustrated? For a moment, consider how it

will feel after the attic is clean. Nowhere is it written that YOU have to clean it. You have the choice to do it yourself, delegate the chore to another member of the family, or hire someone to do it. The end result is the same, a clean attic.

And those wonderful feelings of having a clean attic will motivate you to get it done, regardless of who actually does the work.

                            ...more wise words from your
Your Life, Wellness, Personal and Professional Mentor.

Marlene George
(905) 796-0101

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Loving Mother...No Matter What - Book & CD

Loving Mother No Matter What (book)
Mothers, we all have one. Some of us are one. Mothers are the targets of jokes, the subject of many hours spent on the analyst's couch, our mirror, ourselves. Rather than thanking them for the gift of life, we often resent them for providing us that life.
Loving Mother … No Matter What! approaches our relationship with our mothers from a unique perspective. It examines the issues children, both male and female, even as adults can continue to have with their mothers. It then provides new insights for these challenges whether mother is still with us or has passed on. Through examining our many, collected stories, we have discovered reoccurring themes that we hope will inform, enlighten and inspire you. We have a range of stories about mothers: some depicting ongoing challenges, some describing heroic breakthroughs and others expressing huge appreciation for mother. We also provide you with commentary on many of the stories, as well as exercises and visualizations to assist you on your journey of discovery.
Listen to a blog interview by Marlene discussing Loving Mother.. No Matter What. Click Here
This book shows us that we have choices even in the most difficult circumstances. Knowing that we have choices in the way we respond to whatever happens to us, empowers us. Too often, we make our mother the scapegoat for everything that is wrong in our lives. It is time to put that myth to bed and celebrate the woman who gave us birth. Our insights give you possible solutions that have worked in a miraculous way for many of Marlene's clients, even in the worst situations. You too can transform your relationship with your mother to a place of joy, healing and unconditional love. Are you ready?
(Guided Visualization/Meditation CD)

On this CD Marlene George offers a refreshing perspective on how to improve relationships between mothers and their children. Listen and learn from the comments, visualizations and exercises. These will assist you on your journey of self-discovery, healing and appreciation.

Tracks on this CD include:
2. Appreciating Mother Visualization and Exercises
3. Comments - Audio Sample (excerpt)
4. Healing Your Relationship Visualization
5. Exercises

Monday, 7 May 2012

Our Mother, Our Shadow

The relationship we have with our mother is our primary one; the first one we experience, the one casting its influence on all of our relationships for the rest of our lives.

It is important we get it right.

When I say “get it right”, I don’t mean forgive and forget, love her unconditionally, or accept her treatment of you as correct or appropriate.  “Getting it right” means to come to a place of peace when thinking about her, that’s all.  Her acceptance of us at birth, during our growing years, and ability to release us into our own independence darkens or illuminates the rest of our life.

A Cosmic Choice?

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s not too early to take stock of that relationship and perform any repair work necessary to live a happier life.  Perhaps we chose our mother to help us through this lifetime, and she chose us as well.  Or perhaps our pairing is simply a random act of coincidence – a cosmic joke rather than a cosmic choice.

Ideal  or Idol?

If our mother was a June Cleaver from the 1950’s television series “Leave it to Beaver”, then we learned positive examples of nurturing, caring, kindness and generosity.  Those lessons benefit us in every relationship we have and our overall approach to life, personally and professionally.

If our mother was alcoholic, abusive, or simply absent—what positive lessons did we learn from her brand of mothering?  How do we apply them every day of our lives both personally and professionally?  The fact that we’re here today indicates we benefited from her challenging example.  By setting such an example, we knew from experience exactly what NOT to do when we became an independent adult.  Congratulations to those of us who survived her legacy from your path was harder, your journey mor difficult, and your accomplishments greater.

Our Attitudes or Hers?

By this point in our lives, most of us know the quality of our relationship with our mothers.  In case we need a refresher in identifying the reality behind our perception of the relationship, consider the following subjects;

·         How does our mother affect our definition of “success”?
      ·         Can we “have it all”, or must personal life be sacrificed to professional life, or vice versa?
      ·         Is it acceptable to surpass her accomplishments?
      ·         Are our ambitions and actions the result of our mother’s encouragements or a reaction to her discouragement?
      ·         Does our definition of the role of “mother” align with hers?

Whenever we enter a room, our mother walks in with us. 

Whether she’s wearing a smile of welcome for a new opportunity or the frown of fear of the future largely depends on the relationship she had with her mother.  Our mothers’ generation did not have the tools we have to analyze, intellectualize, and finally come to terms with her treatment of us.

Competition or Cooperation?

Our mother is the first rival in our life…she competes for our father’s attention and affection as soon as we realize there’s a difference between boys and girls.  She usually loses—or so we are led to believe by our fathers.  As we mature, we realize she never loses, and it would not be a good thing if she did.

Acceptance of the Agreement.

About a week ago, one of my clients called me after reading my boo “Loving Mother…No Matter What!” to tell me what her daughter wrote to her on her Mother’s Day card: she thanked her mother for her presence in her life,  and complimented herself for choosing my client to be her mother.  And, no, she hadn’t read my book—but I’ll bet her mother gives it to her for her next birthday.

Who we are today is largely a product of our relationship with our mother.  When researching my book, (“Loving Mother…No Matter What”) I gathered stories of appreciation, resentment, abandonment, intrusion, competition and control.  Some relationships  resolved themselves in a spirit of love and acceptance of each other, others continue in frustration and pain, and still others long for what “might have been”.

If our mother was “Mother Theresa” or “Mommy Dearest”, she is the other half of our agreement with her.  What if we selected her for the lessons she would teach us about life, love and our place in the world?  When we have successfully learned those lessons, we arrive at a place of peace—acknowledging her contribution of our progress on this plane

Marlene George
Life, Wellness and Business Coach

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Power of Pause

Do You Control Your Calendar?

Find your calendar and flip back to the beginning of the year
and see what you wrote then for “to do’s” in the year. Some of you may have even applied a time line to your goals and aspirations; others simply listed them, assuming the appropriate time will occur to you along the way.

For every one of us “life happens” when we have other plans, so our calendar expresses our intentions, not necessarily our actions for a specific day. Sometimes those occurrences are welcome diversions from a tiresome routine, and sometimes they are unnecessary distractions, and sometimes they are actual emergencies that require our time, energy and attention.

You have only 24 hours in a day, and how you choose to fill
those hours reveals your priorities. At the end of the day, the
feelings you have about the activities you did during the day reflect how close those actions come to your authentic self. If you experience discomfort the level of frustration you feel indicate your separation from your authentic self. If those actions were items on your calendar, then the question to ask is who controls your calendar?

Does Your Calendar Control You?

The way to find out is to examine your feelings around each item placed on the page. If you feel eager anticipation, then it’s your authentic self approving the appointment. If, on the other hand, you hear someone else’s voice dictating the obligation, responsibility, or duty, perhaps it’s not in your best interest to spend your time that way or with those people.

There are obligations taking up space on your calendar that express your authentic self. Certainly, a trip to the dentist is not something most of us look forward to, but it is an expression of our commitment to self care, to our health and wellness.

Pause for Power

At the end of the week, the end of the month, or the year; look at your calendar and congratulate yourself for the actions that benefitted you or someone else. When you turn the page on your calendar to fill in the blanks in the next time segment, take a moment to consider yourself before committing your time to things that are not an expression of your authenticity.

There’s power in the pause.
                                          ...more wise words from your Life, Wellness, Personal and Professional Mentor.
Marlene George (905) 796-0101