Thursday, 25 September 2014

Greed, Money & Morals

Yesterday I didn't have a very good night, I found out that the president of Mexico (Enrique Pena Nieto) sold Pemex to the United States of America. Pemex was the Mexican state owned petroleum company and the main means of income for Mexico. Most people would think “oh what ever this happens every day” but the sad part is exactly that, this is happening way too often.  My heart breaks for the people of Mexico because they have been left with NOTHING and all because the president is extremely greedy and does not care what it takes to make and have more money, even if it costs the life don’t of his people.

The point of my blog is not to bash the president of Mexico which he deserves that and more but the message I am trying to get across is that lately I feel people just don’t care. Every day I stand back and observe my surroundings, my main focus is other people, the way they act towards everyday situations and towards each other and its quite sad to say but the outcome is terrible. Everyone is always talking bad about another person without even realizing it, it’s like it’s become the norm. People’s main focus is also money and it doesn't matter what they have to do to make it or get it, they will do whatever it takes. What happened to our morals? To being a good person? If everyone would help each other out instead of trying to put down other people or more so compete to see whose better we wouldn’t have all these horrible situations around the world that we have now. Everyone needs to focus on what’s important which is being a good person, treating others the way we want to be treated. How can we expect good to come out of this world if all we put out there is negative energy? It’s time to be positive learn that there is no amount of money in the world that can bring true happiness because happiness lies within and is only obtained by having true love! Love for oneself, Love for others, Love for the world and all the blessings we have been given by the Universe. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Root Chakra

There are 7 chakras, well technically there are more but there are 7 main ones that people tend to focus on. Now I know you all must be thinking now what are all these other chakras? Don’t worry about it; I will touch upon all that in another blog. Today I would like to focus on 1 chakra, and every month I am going to focus on different ones.  

The root chakra is very important because it’s what keeps us grounded. It deals with physical identity, survival, stability, instinctual nature, ambition, and self-sufficiency, when this chakra isn’t balanced a lot of issues can arise.  

Governs: bones, teeth, nails, anus, prostate, adrenals, kidneys, lower digestive functions, excretory functions, and sexual activity

Physical Dysfunctions: tiredness, poor sleep, lower back pain, sciatica, waste elimination problems like constipation, depression, immune related disorders, obesity and eating disorders 

Psychological and Emotional Issues: ungrounded, afraid, rage and anger, self esteem, survival, security, obsessed with comfort, alienated, possessive

Balanced Chakra: feeling grounded, centered, committed and independent, having energy and vitality, strength and stillness, able to digest foods well

 I recently got married and was super excited to get on with this chapter in my life, everything was wonderful and dandy till I got back from my honeymoon. I went back to my crazy work schedule, as I do a lot for work, my husband and I had recently purchased a house and I was back to living with my parents, well we both were. All this wasn’t the problem; it was not till I moved into my own home where I started to lose focus and balance, my root chakra was walking on glass. This all happened because I was raised to be and I am so close with my family so when it came to being on my own I didn’t know how. 

I can stay here forever and explain how I cried and suffered about being away from my family but I am sure you all get the idea. My root chakra for the first time ever, or so I feel was the first time ever had no balance and for the first time I felt I wasn’t that strong women I usually am. This is an example of something that in reality isn’t such a big deal that can really throw off your balance. It’s very important to keep the chakra balanced, you always want to stay grounded.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Power of Reiki

When you talk to people about reiki they usually have no idea what you are talking about and if they do it’s because someone has told them about it or on a more positive note they’re more open on a spiritual level. I was introduced to reiki at the very young age of 8 and I can’t tell you how much it has changed my life for the better.

Reiki works on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki is a full spectrum healing modality treating both the “cause” and the “effect” of the energetic imbalance. During each Reiki session your entire energetic and physical system is charged up with a high level of Universal Life Force Energy. Universal Life Force Energy is the energy that animates all living things. When our life force energy is high we are energetic, healthy, creative and vibrant. When our life force energy is low we are more susceptible to illness and we feel depleted, depressed, unhealthy and exhausted.

Spontaneous healings and miracles can occur in one Reiki session; however, multiple sessions are usually required. During a Reiki session, a high level of universal life force energy moves through your system breaking up and dissolving old traumas, blocks, negative energy, unprocessed emotions and stored pain. As we eliminate each imbalance in your system, your supply of life force energy will be increased, therefore, assisting you with your own healing. Your inner healer will be activated through the removal of energetic blocks and negative frequencies assisting your body to become stronger and more able to use its own inner wisdom to fight off disease. Once balance is achieved, your moods and behaviors will improve, your sense of self and self-esteem will return and your innate self-organizing principle in your body will be activated.

I went through a very traumatic time in my life when I was a child, being abused at such a young age is not something an 8 year old should look forward to but something I got to look forward to was meeting Marlene. She introduced me to reiki and it was a whole different world. Not only because it was something new that I had never heard about but also because I was taking this all in and I was just a child. I remember going to bed every night for 2 years crying, as if someone was stealing all the air surrounding me and I was breathing through a straw. I remember the night before going to my first reiki class and being so nervous and anxious because it’s all I knew how to feel for so long.  But that one session alone taught me so much! I came out of there feeling like a weight had been lifted off me. Of course it took more than just one session but I knew deep down inside my heart that was the first session that was going to change my life forever. Not only did reiki change my outlook on life, myself and others but it also healed me of all the anxiety I was feeling for so long. I am 28 years old now and couldn’t be happier with the peace I have found within. I still see Marlene here and there when I find myself in a state where I need some balance. 


I broke my arm last week it has been very painful. Marlene came over to my house today and gave me a treatment all I can say WOW after my session I slept for 3 hours and have not needed any pain meds for 6 hours. If you have any pain try REIKI give Marlene a call.


Monday, 6 January 2014

Join Marlene's Group Coaching Workshop!

Let's get ready for 2014

Wednesday, January 8th from 7:30  - 9:30pm
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Please RSVP to confirm your attendance
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Friday, 13 December 2013

Celebrating Death

During the holidays we often miss loved ones we've lost. This is a great gift for those dealing with loss during the holidays! Celebrating Death CD

Whenever we lose, grieve. Whether the loss is temporary or permananet, we mourn. Feeling good about grief involves a new perspective. For further understanding join Marlene George for a journey of a lifetime; "Celebrating Death" brings a new point of view to the grieving process to help us cope with loss.

It will focus on helping you with:

1. Influences, an introduction
2. The Letter
3. The Releasing Ritual
4. Celebrating Death Visualization

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Monday, 2 December 2013

It doesn't matter which step you are on, what matters is that you are always climbing.

Monday, 25 November 2013

A good reminder we shared on Facebook today.  Try your best, but remember you don't have to be perfect.